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“Hidden Frequencies” is a performative work that playfully explores musical sounds that stem from early communication and sound technologies. The performance moves from transmission to transcription, from the experience of decoding language to the material qualities of the machines of communication, and structural music. The first part of the work incorporates morse code patterns; the violin, tuning forks, and telegraph oscillators, forming a multi layered exploration of musical qualities. The second half moves into transcription of early images of sound vibrations from formats including optical film tracks and phonographs. These abstract renderings are filmed in ways to represent audio as a form of landscape as well as optical illusion and pattern. To enhance the haptic experience of sound and an interactive involvement with the work, the audience receives sound cards, which are opened and closed on cues supplied by the film.  

At the culmination of the performance a record lathe cuts a record of the performance itself, and an endoscopic camera captures the image of thin threads of plastic waste spiraling off onto the turntables’ center spindle.  The sampling from the records and the playback of the cut degenerates into an abstract layered wall of sound interweaving melody, speech, and drone.    



 Bric Arts / Media House - Brooklyn NY   Imagine Science Film Festival

Live Collaborative Performance with

Mike Micha  (Percussion) and

Brian Murphy  (video synthesis)

Monteith McCollum (Violin and Modular Synth)




Alchemy Film Festival Performance

Hawick, Scotland  - Excerpt 15min




Sound excerpt from the 20 minute Performance




In this performance Maile was on 

laptop doing live manipulation of samples

and I had a small modular system with live

feed from a cv controller record player and an

old clock chime I salvaged. The squeeze box

sound in Marks film was cut onto a blank for playback. 


SPOOL MFG. - Johnson City, NY

             The Abandoned Show



"RABBIT in the SAND"








Collaborative Live Sound for Mark Streets 

Film "The Gloaming" 

Maile Colbert - Laptop 

Monteith McCollum - Turntable, Modular Synthesis,

& Chimes.




live SOUND instrumentation:

Violin, Modular Synthesis, Nano bug in School 

Bells, & Tranducer on Vellum.

SONOSCOPIA - Porto, Portugal    (Oct 5, 2017) 

COUNTERPATH - Denver, Co.  (Sept 8 2018)




Live SOUND Instrumentation:

Violin, Instructograph, Morse code keyer, Rek-O-Kut Record Lathe, Modular Synthesis Phonogene, Tuning Forks, Sound Cards 




Audience holding up sound cards.

Rek-O-Kut with endoscopic camera and shadow play

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