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Late Night Listening

                   1 - 3


                                                     ( Electro Accoustic  montages from home  and  the Adirondacks )





The  Electronic  Hunting  Call  Series

                 (An experiment amounting to endless variations and musings  on visages of artificial landscapes)

No. 61 – Between Surfaces (8:35)

No. of Calls 4 – Including: Loon, Duck, Goose, & Deer. Sound sent through transducer applied to a piano soundboard on one track.

No. 77 – Evening (8:55)

No. 77 – Evening (8:55)
No. of Calls (Lost Track) Dove, Squirrel, Duck, Crow, Fox and sampled Cuckoo from 78.

No.109 – The Thicket (8:42)

No. of Calls 5 & One field recording – Including: Crow, Hawk, Robin, Deer, Turkey, & Peacock.

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Bradbury  Composition No. 1 - 8:45 min   Upright 


Solenoids and spinning motors integrated within a 1930's  Bradbury piano soundboard controlled by a modular sequencer.  Inspired by the works of Conlon Nancarrow’s player piano pieces.  This work is a  blend of electronic synthesis with acoustic processes.  Various sine waves tones  sent through the soundboard allow for sympathetic resonating frequencies to occur and generative feedback. 

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