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"Resonance of an Indeterminate Landscape"



​"Towson Gallery"   Baltimore, MD

Cross-Pollinated Forms Exhibit



"Westbeth Gallery"   NY, NY

New York Foundation for the Arts  Triacontagon


"Proto-Cinematic Investigations"  Gallery Bergen​

  Paramus, New Jersey 





"Din  Din"

In this piece photocells monitoring the light intensity

of the video trigger sonic elements (vibrators

and buzzers ) located in the tin boxes. The projected light determines volume and rhythm of the sounds.


"Low Fidelity Exhibition"   Brockport Gallery 

State University of New York  


"Currents" 1-10 Warehouse, Magdelena, New Mexico


"Cross Pollinated Forms" Towson Gallery, Maryland





"30 Hz"

This cinema apparatus is a play on an early invention called the "Kinetophone" by Edison. 

The record player becomes the cabinet and vesselfor the projected image.  Utilizing dual video projections of micro-scope imagery of the record groove, scratches are revealed as abstract line and form.  Creating a connection to a synthetic landscape.  The vacuum tubes and wires of the player are illuminated to create silhouetted animated forms.  Photo cells are used to trigger the movement of the silhouetted wires with attached cell phone vibrators allowing for soft synchronous relationships to exist.



""As with the neighbors​"



""As with the neighbors​"

close up through peephole in box.



De-constructed 35mm film projector housing with diorama. 



""From a Hight Point of Sight" wip

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