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Rabbit in the Sand

Constructed from scraps of analog waveforms and agricultural pen & ink illustrations. “Rabbit in the Sand” uses a dental camera in combination with a 1970's Hearn video processing system to form a series of hazy, delicate, and ruptured imagery. Loosely inspired by Rorschach’s studies and the ink blot, the film prompts the viewer to form their own impressions.


"Listen," a short made as part of a collaboration of works curated by Slamdance Film Festival, examines shortwave radio as a technology that can be utilized not only for communication, but also

abstract sound art. In "Listen," Ingvar Loco Nordin a Swedish sound artist, writer, and student of the renowned composer Carl Heinz Stockhausen breaks down the sounds of shortwave as a poetic electronic medium. Bringing viewers into a world of forgotten and hidden transmissions, 

10:00 Minutes - Color


The second short in a trilogy on sound, "Soundprint" explores transcription and  the marks left by sonic frequencies. Imagery from optical soundtracks and micro photography of records play against similar signals received by sand, water, and people. Sounds of the ocean and the Midshipman fish are the backdrop for a rich exploration of the subtleties of transcribed sound.  8:40 Min. - Color & Black & White - Single Channel & Interactive Version available.

In a Free Sound Field

In a home filled with rare art objects from around the world, a disjunctured set of  tales unravel about the travels of collector

Don Boros.  Dislocating fact, from fiction, and time from place, the stories are interwoven with the notable text “Sensations of Tone” by 19th century physicist Hermann von Helmholtz.  This work is an interactive film  incorporating the audiences iPhones to shape the film and audience experience in very different way sonically, visually, and conceptually. 

11;00 Min. Single Channel & Interactive Film for iPhones


A lawn is more than just a plot of grass. “Your lawn is a reflection of your character” –Sarah Little. “Lawn” explores our relationship with nature and our desire to control it. Filmed

over a period of months it depicts an untamed yard living and dying. Throughout

the film the voice of Sarah Little (manager of the pesticide awareness program

in Wellesley, MA) recounts stories and reveals the logic behind our desire to make

lawns into a homogeneous bug-less plot. Over the image of a foggy barren expanse

of grass, Sarah Little recounts her experience with a man struggling to go chemical

free to ensure the health of his child. My neighbor rides by on his John Deere

lawnmower, and I place a telephone call to my local lawn provider. We discuss

the possibilities and wonder behind a weed-less, insect-less earth. I express

my fears, but I’m quickly put at ease by a calm voice uttering words so aptly

selected to ensure any satisfied customer.

Winner of the Los Angeles Film Fest. Best short Doc,

Aired online and nationally broadcast on P.O.V PBS 

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